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Our AF-02 is specially for bakery products:

Main effect:

Effectively improve the mechanical resistance of the dough to prevent sticking during processing;

Stable dough absorbs oil;

Effectively increase the maximum water absorption capacity of the dough (1% to 3% of total flour, added according to actual production) to improve product taste;

Improve dough fermentation resistance and effectively increase product volume;

Improve dough water retention and effectively reduce ice crystal formation;

Effectively extend the shelf life of frozen dough products;

Effectively extend the shelf life of baked products.


The modifiers developed specifically for the production of bread, bread preservation and processing by the low-temperature freezing dough method, effectively increase the amount of water absorbed by the product. The increase in the amount of water can prevent the blank from aging and increase the volume.

The product has the ability to form a spatial network structure, improve the rich taste of the product, and has excellent frost resistance, reduce moisture loss during the production of bread, maintain its fluffy feel, provide the product with a good volume, flavor and color.

Application scope:

Enzyme preparation dough modifier, suitable for all kinds of bread dough and frozen rice products.

Add dosage:

Add 1-3% of the total amount of flour, the recommended dosage is about 2% (according to the actual production adjustment), the use of the limit is 5% (higher then the use of effects).

Add method:

Add this product directly to the flour, evenly dispersed, add other ingredients, and then stir and flour. (Attention: The amount of dough water absorption needs to be adjusted according to the processing needs)


Please store in a cool dry place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight (maximum temperature does not exceed 40 °C), use the sealed storage.

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